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Make your own Socca

This traditional Nice dish is very simple and easy to make.

In this early period, there were vendors socca markets and workplaces where they provided the workers preferred morning meal.
sellers used special wagons with ovens to charcoal to keep their goods hot while they announced their Cree appropriate of "socca, socca, socca". Some sellers (or their descendants) are still to be found on markets in Nice today,

SOCCA is made on a great round (50-70 cm in diameter) copper "mold pie" (plate) and baked in an oven to very hot fire for about six minutes, until the top is golden. Copper is important for the diffusion of heat evenly.
Recipe (50 cm two plates)
300 g chickpea flour
500 ml water [water]
2 Tblsp olive [olive oil]
1 teasp salt [salt]
Pepper [pepper]
Variations: try different flours


1. Preheat oven to 300 ° C (570 ° F)
2. pour cold water in a saucepan. Use a whisk to mix with chick pea flour, olive oil and salt, beat thoroughly to remove any lumps.
The trick is in the dough, which should be a little more liquid than typical pancake dough (which is thin, as the Swedish pancakes).
3 lightly oil the plate. Pour the batter through a conical strainer on the plate, covering evenly.
4. slide the plate into the preheated oven and Bake until the top Browns well, perhaps even go black when the bubbles rise.
5. remove, slice and serve hot, peppering the taste.